Pumpkin Carving Tips and Tricks

Pumpkin Scooper and Scraper

Sharp heavy duty stainless steel pumpkin scoop and scraper tool that's used for quickly and easily removing pulp, seeds and strings from within the pumpkin. The scoops serrated sides allow it to quickly thin the walls of thick pumpkins to make them easier to carve.

Sturdy Large, Medium and Fine Tooth Saws

The sharp serrated tooth edges of each saw allow them to easily cut the skin rind and flesh of the pumpkin. Use the large tooth saw for cutting out the lid of the pumpkin and other major cuts. Use the medium tooth saw for cutting out patterns and carving finer details. Use the fine tooth saw for precise intricate cuts.

Etching and Relief Chisel Tool

A chisel that's used for etching layers, scoring the skin and cutting relief's into the design. Excellent for removing pumpkin flesh and widening cuts and openings.

Large Sculpting Ribbon Loop Tools

Large ribbon cutting loops that are ideal for peeling off the skin rind and removing layers of pumpkin flesh for ruff shaping of realistic character design details.

Double Ended Detail Sculpting Ribbon Loop Tools

These smaller ribbon cutting loops are ideal for smaller fine sculpting cuts, flesh layer removal and more refined shaping of realistic character design details.

Intricate Detail Sculpting Ribbon Loop Tools

Perfect for precise sculpting and adding intricate realistic details to character designs.

Double Ended Needle and Clean Up Tools

The needle ended tool is ideal for piercing holes while tracing a design on the pumpkin and for picking up pumpkin pieces. These tools are ideal for cleaning up and finishing intricate design details. Also use for lifting out unwanted pumpkin bits.

Hole Cutting Tool

Provides an easy method for cutting clean holes and circles in the thick walls of a pumpkin. The holes provide easy access for additional carving with saws and other tools.

Tools can be kept neatly organized and stored in the sturdy zippered premium nylon organizer case after use.

For more fun carving your pumpkin visit HalloweenHaunters.com to see:
WARNING: Kit contains sharp items and is not a toy. Adult supervision is required when tools are in use. User assumes all risks of possible injury. Not recommended for children under the age of 9.
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