Halloween Haunters Animated Hanging Life-Size Scary Zombie Skull Reaper Speaking with Moving Arms Prop Decoration - Evil Skeleton Face with Red Light Up Eyes


  • Cloaked in black, this hanging animated life-size terrifying skeleton face grim reaper screams out spooky phrases to draw in its victims while its evil red eyes flash!
  • A creepy speaking reaper that stares you down with its' evil red flashing eyes while the arms and hands move in and out capture trespassers. It's perfect for placement in haunted houses, entryways and landscapes.
  • Animated movement is sound and touch activated. When activated the reaper first moans and laughs then speaks these ghoulish phrases - "Who disturbs the graveyard!", "Come to meet your doom!"
  • Reaper has a ghoulish black outfit overlaid with tattered red creepy cloth. The arm span is 40 inches and the arms are posable.
  • Dimensions: 6" Tall with a 4' Arm span - Powered with 3 - AA Batteries (included)

    • Halloween Haunters 6 foot Animated Standing Scary Evil Speaking Wicked Witch with Light-Up Eyes and Fiery Broomstick Prop Decoration

      A scary 6 foot cackling wicked witch standing with her broomstick, and she's cooking her witches brew and ready to cast her spell on those that cross her path! She dressed in classic black witches attire. Animated effects are sound and touch activated: Scary green LED flashing eyes - Red LED light-up fiery broomstick - Speaks phrases then cackles with frightening laughs - Posable bending arms. Speaks phrases with a cackling laugh after each one - "Come in here and you're in trouble, aaah aaah, haa haa haa haa!", "Eye of the newt, tail of bat, nose of frog, tail of cat, boil, boil, boil, aaah aaah, haa haa haa haa!"

      • Indoor use or sheltered outdoor use
      • Animated: Sound and Touch Activated
      • Animatronic Movement: Flashing green LED eyes; Red LED light-up fiery broomstick; Arms are bendable for custom posing
      • Sound Type: Speaks phrases with a cackling laugh after each phrase
      • Power Type: Powered with 3 - AA Batteries (included)
      • Dimensions: 6' (72") Tall with a 4' (48") Arm span; Witch is held up with a sturdy steel internal frame with a wide plastic base.
      • Materials: Rubber latex, plastic, fabric, nylon, wire, steel
      • Some assembly required

      Deck out your haunted house with Halloween animatronics from Halloween Haunters!
      From the scariest reaper to the creepiest clowns, Halloween Haunters has amazing decor that will set your scene apart from the rest of the neighborhood. Picture all of your visitors screaming and running for the door when they run into a spooky animated zombie or a freaky Skeleton! Halloween is so much fun and choosing the right decor is merely the beginning.

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