Halloween Haunters 2 Foot Animated Creepy Crawling Motion Clown Reaper Zombie Groundbreaker Moving Body LED Eyes Prop Decoration - Scary Spooky Howls, Laughs - Haunted House Party Display


  • This incredibly creepy crawling motion clown, moans with frightening laughs, while it stares you down with its flashing evil red eyes.
  • Sound and touch activated: Torso crawling motion - Hips simultaneously move up and down and from side to side - Ghoulish moans and frightening laughs with flashing red eyes
  • A spooky gray faced reaper clown that's perfect for placement in haunted house graveyards, landscapes and lawns. Posable bending arms.
  • They can run, but they can't hide from the clown that frights them, on the way to their demise.
  • Dimensions: 2' 4" (28") Long x 2' (24") Wide x 8" High; Powered with 3 - AA Batteries (included)

Halloween Haunters 28" Animated Creepy Crawling Clown Reaper Prop Decoration

  • Indoor or outdoor sheltered use
  • Animated: Sound and Touch Activated
  • Movement Type: Crawling motion - Torso simultaniously moves up and down while the hips move from side to side - Red evil eyes light up and flash - Posable arms
  • Sound Type: - Ghoulish moans and frightening laughs
  • Power Type: 3 - AA Batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: 2' 4" (28") Long x 2' (24") Wide x 8" High

Deck out your haunted house with Halloween animatronics from Halloween Haunters! From the scariest reaper to the creepiest clowns, Halloween Haunters has amazing decor that will set your scene apart from the rest of the neighborhood. Picture all of your visitors screaming and running for the door when they run into a spooky animated zombie or a freaky Skeleton! Halloween is so much fun and choosing the right decor is merely the beginning.

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