White Spider Web

White Spider Web

Item#: TCP HLW-466
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Weight: 1.0 lb


Halloween Haunters Giant 25 Foot Realistic White Spider Web Prop Decoration - Scary Hanging Strong Braided Rope Cob Web with Yard Stakes

Add some extra fright to every ones night by hanging and displaying this gigantic oversized 25 foot long by 25 foot wide realistic creepy crawly white spider web in front of your haunted house! This high quality spider web is made with super strong white thick braided polyester rope that can support the weight of any size spider that you place in it, unlike others selling webs that have the thin furry strings that fall apart and get tangled easy. Because of its huge size, our durable spider web looks scary hung by itself, but it looks even better if you place your own spiders and cob webs on it. This web is the perfect finishing touch to add a little more fright to the trick-or-treaters night when it's hung in any haunted house, graveyard, tree, yard, entryway, window or at a Halloween party! Those that are affected by arachnophobia will have spine tingling fright when they come across this oversized spooky web.

  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Dimensions: Oversized 25 foot long by 25 foot wide web
  • Material: Thick polyester braided rope

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